3 DVD SET Doce Pares Multi-System Eskrima Kali Arnis


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Product Description
3 DVD set features 4 masters who join together and share their knowledge of the easy to learn methods of the Doce Pares Multi-Style system. Features: Master Percival 'Val' Pableo (8th degree black belt & 4x full contact stick fighter world champion); Master Felix Roiles (5th degree black belt & 2x heavyweight world champion WEKAF stick fighter); Master Erwin 'Gunit' Mosqueda (7th degree black belt) & Master Tony 'Jun' Onas (5th degree black belt & founder of Eskrimador Academy). #1 - Covers the basic stances; strikes for target points; basic defenses and blocks; how to use the Eskrima Sticks in your practice and execution of the various types of strikes; counter strikes; angles of strikes; twirling; and footwork drills. #2 - Covers stick disarms; snake disarms; striking disarms; trapping disarms; double stick twirling; amarra; estocada; and empty hand disarms. #3 - Covers blocking; disarm ice pick; thrust disarm; disarm backhand; knife vs. knife; pakal; stick and dagger; sknife blocks; free form; tapi tapi; witik curved strike; sparring and more!