3 DVD SET Pakamut Filipino Sword Fighting System Roiles


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Pakamut has been used by our Filipino heroes in their struggle to make our country free from foreign domination. It has been noted that Andres Bonefacio; when rallying his troops; said go home brothers and sharpen your sticks. Master Felix's method of teaching is very simple and easy to learn. Like A Ba Ka Da; once you learn the basic principle of his techniques; it develops in you physical and mental alertness; which can enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones in any given situation; as is the Filipino Martial Arts of PAKAMUT. I FEAR AND BOW TO NO ONE; EXCEPT TO MY PEOPLE. - Datu Lapu-Lapu Included: --- Vol-1 Strikes; Stances; Footwork; Rolling; The Target; Defense; Follow The Force; Countering; The Entry; Entry Drill with Defense; Counter Defense; Counter Defense Directional; Basic Form. Vol-2 Closing & Opening Applications; Simultaneous Offense & Defense; Freestyle Entry & Defense; Directional Movements; Forms & Drills. Vol-3 Close Range Combinations; Redirecting The Force.