Filipino Martial Arts Secrets of Asian Masters DVD


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Rare! Award Winning Documentary featuring some of the Top Martial Arts Grandmasters & Masters in the Philippines! This is the Winner of the Best Sports Documentary at the 2011 NY International Film Festival. This documentary on the Filipino Martial Arts captures the essence of the Filipino warrior traditions. It is a comprehensive look at the history of these combat arts and how they exist in the Philippines today. Punong Guro Myrlino Hufana provides one of the most complete examinations of these popular stick; sword and empty hand fighting arts. Features GM Antonio Diego; GM Jerson Tortal Sr; GM Rodrigo Maranga; GM Rodel Dagooc; GM Jerry Della Cruz; GM Frank Sobrino; Master Rolando Hong; Master Romulo Romo; GM Jerson Tortal Jr; and more! 84 minutes. 84 minutes.