Lameco Eskrima Practical Self Defense #2 DVD Sulite


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Part 2 Empty Hand Knife Defense. Featuring the late Edgar G. Sulite. In this DVD, Edgar continues his self-defense lesson against the knife attack. He progresses to empty hand counters based on the Lameco eskrima principles. First; a review of the basic footwork patterns. Taught next are a variety of methods for redirecting the knife attack. Also shown are a variety of disarms. Edgar concludes with self-defense techniques based on common hold-up situations. 50 minutes. LESD2 1994 The late Punong Guro Edgar Sulite dedicated his life to mastering the art of Eskrima. From his early days in Tacloban City and Ozamis City,and later in Manila, and finally in the United States, he was able to engage in intensive one-to-one training with many of the top masters of the Philippines. With his high level of proficiency, he was able to creatively synthesize his knowledge to form 'Lameco Eskrima', a system that deals with long, middle and close ranges.