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Product Description
2 DVD Set Featuring James McNeil Based on the way water pounds against the hands, Splashing Hands is considered one of the fastest, most powerful fighting systems available today. James W. McNeil has trained extensively in China and is one of only six Masters in the world who know this system, unveils the secrets in this two DVD series. 1992 Volume 1: James McNeil starts with the basic punches and blocks and works them into unstoppable combinations. He moves on to the basic kicks and follows with shuffle footwork; the basis for power. He puts it all together in a variety of self-defense techniques. 48 minutes. Volume 2: James continues with his lesson on the Splashing Hands by illustrating the more advanced fighting techniques. He shows how to increase your speed and power using circular and direct motion and illustrates how to improve your timing and distance while fighting at close range. 48 minutes.