3 DVD SET Iron Palm Training - GM Brian Gray


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Product Description
This three DVD series is for anyone who has ever wanted to break bricks and boards with his bare hands. Now, Brian Gray, the Iron Palm Master, teaches you how to properly condition your hands and how to properly train in Iron Palm techniques. GM Gray founded the Shao Lin San Kung Fu Temple and is considered by most experts to be the world's leading authority on the subject of the Chinese Iron Palm. 1993 Volume 1 - hand conditioning; ancient reasons for secrecy, iron palm liniment and limitations to the Iron Palm. 53 minutes. Volume 2 - the pros and cons of choosing various materials to break, including wood, stone, concrete and clay. Covers: Proper breathing, focus, speed and centering, fear factor, Isometric exercises and more!42 minutes. Volume 3 - importance of the wave and the whip, errors in palm placement when breaking, advanced breaking, breaking bricks and more! 34 minutes