9 DVD SET Art of Aikido - Furuya


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The late Kensho Furuya was considered one the the leading authorities on the historical aspects of the Japanese martial arts. This 5th Dan was the founder and head instructor at the Aikido Center of Los Angeles and was actively involved in Iaido; sword collecting; and zazen (seated meditation). This is an excellent comprehensive series on Aikido and is taught in a very clear; concise and professional manner. #1 General Introduction to Aikido - Principle of Entering (Irimi) and Turning (Tenkan), The Practice Uniform, The Meaning of Practice & more! #2 Basic Techniques - Throwing & Joint Techniques, Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo, Yonkyo, Gokyo & more! #3 Committment & Perserverence - Ukemi: Breakfalling Technique, Basic Techniques & Freestyle Applications, Principle of Tenshin (Turning Back), Ki-Vital Energy, Internal Breathing Exercises & more! #4 Karate Tori Ryote-Mochi - Karate Tori Ryote Mochi - Against 2-Hand Grip, Ryote Tori - Against 2-Hand Hold, Rei-Gi Saho - Etiquette, Koshinage - Hip Throw & more! #5 Beginning Practice - Going With The Flow, Suwari-waza Basic Techniques, Gokyo & Knife Techniques & more! #6 Strikes & Punches - Tsuki: Strikes & Punches, Yokomenuchi: Strikes From the Side & more! #7 Direct Strikes - Attacks From Behind, Chokes, Hands From Behind, Elbows From Behind, Shoulders From Behind & more! #8 Defensive Techniques - Atemi-waza: Defensive Striking Techniques, Defense Against Kicks, Tanto-tori: Defense Against Knife Attack, Fundamentals of Aiki Sword & more! #9 The Staff & Examination - Jo: Staff Fundamentals, Black Belt Examination Requirements & more!