6 DVD SET Nine Dragon Baguazhang Street Combat


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Six DVD Set by Capt. John Painter; PhD. A complete instructional series on Baguazhang by this renown master of Chinese and internal martial & healing arts. Clear, concise, straight forward presentation from basics to advanced levels. #1: Training Principles - Stances; Postures; and Eight Palms. 60 minutes #2 Training Principles - Foot patterns; circle walking; postures & eight palms to help you develop the amazing circular combat power of Nine DragonBaguazhang. 58 minutes #3 Hand to Hand Tactics - direct; internal/external power of Nine Dragon Baguazhang's Fire & Thunder Palms to simultaneously neutralize & counterstrike any attackwith strikes & kicks. 58 minutes #4 Qinna - Locks; Throws; Projections - the mind/body power of Nine Dragon Baguazhang's Heaven and Lake Palms. 57 minutes #5: Defensive Tactics Against Clubs - whole body powers of the Water and Wind Palms of Nine Dragon Baguazhang as used in a life or death struggle with a weapon wielding opponent. 55 minutes #6: Defensive Tactics for Knives & Edged Weapons - body powers of the Earth & Mountains Postures of Nine Dragon Baguazhang used against an opponent armed with an edged weapon. 57 minutes