3 DVD SET Combat Muay Thai - Michalowski


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3 DVD set featuring Walter Sleeper Michalowski Over the centuries; Muay Thai has; justifiably; earned a reputation for being one of the world's most effective martial arts. Through the awesome power and stamina developed through Muay Thai's unique training methods; and the fighting strategies which evolved over hundreds of years of combat experience; the Thai fighters have become respected the world over. Unfortunately; in the West; one portion of Muay Thai training has been sadly neglected--until now. Prior to this DVD series; Muay Thai training videos have been limited exclusively to training for sport competition. Now; this gap has been closed; as multi-titled Muay Thai champion Walter sleeper Michalowski reveals the secrets of Combat Muay Thai. #1 Conditioning and Bag Drills - the unique Thai training methods; not found in any other martial art, and how to use various bag drills to build the basic elements of effective fighting & self-defense. #2 Thai Pad Workout - covers all aspects of training and conditioning with the unique Thai Pad. #3 Training Secrets & Street Techniques - training secrets and some of his best street techniques.