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by Guro Ted Lucaylucay SB01-D From the multi-dimensional structure of Kali and the progressive concepts of Jeet Kune Do comes the dynamic art of 'stick-boxing'. In this DVD Kali/J.K.D. Maestro Ted Lucaylucay shows the relationship of the blade; stick and empty hand in a unique training package. Stickboxing is the blend of stickfighting and boxing methods of Kali/J.K.D. Guro Ted highlights the use of the second hand of Kali. Usually considered a checking tool in relation with single stick use; the second hand in stick boxing is a primary; close-range weapon used for punching from all angles. Stickboxing also uses the full arsenal of Kali/J.K.D. tools; including kicking; elbows; knees; sweeps; locks and takedowns. However; the common denominator is the 'boxing' structure. Whether European or Asian; the boxing structure shines through that binds the arts together. Guro Ted brings out the many elements of this exciting art through combinations of offense and defense; sensitivity and flow drills. J.K.D. trapping; equipment training and free sparring! Approximate running time: 55 minutes