Wing Chun Gung Fu Siu Leem Combat #2 DVD Williams WCW20-D


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by Randy Williams WCW20-D The Wing Chun System is comprised of only three hand forms. Although the forms are few and easy to learn; to master them requires patience; perserverence and determination. This mastery is vital; as the forms of Wing Chun are considered the keys to the system. The first form is Siu Leem Tau or The Little Idea. COMBAT TECHNIQUES PART 2 continues with Combat Sticky Hands Engagements highlighting moves; Siu Leem Tau principles and techniques in application including: Lon Da; Lop/Fun Sau; Jom Sau; Chuo Kuen; Yut Fook Yee; Jut Sau; Biu Sau; Syeung Kuen; Hahng Sau; Ding Sau; Tai Kuen; Hay Jahng; Tai Sut; Kau Sau; Ngoy Jut Sau; Chahng Jyeung; Pon Geng Sau; THe Stupid Trap; Gahng Sau; Gahng Da; Tan Sau Wrap; Clamping Trap; Circling Cut; Chahng Dai Jyeung; Boang Sau; Sinking Tan Sau; Pau Sau; Tuet Sau; Leen Wan Kuen; Turning the tables on a grab and more. When Steven Seagal; Phil Collins or Eric Clapton needed bodyguard protection; they called Wing Chnu master Randy Williams; one of the world's foremost experts on self-defense. Williams; who operates schools in various parts of the world; began training at the age of 13 under George Yau and completed his instruction in the system under world renown master Augustine Fong.