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DIGITAL Wing Chun Gung Fu Biu Jee Concepts #1 VIDEO Williams

DIGITAL VIDEO FILE by Randy Williams WCW25-D The Wing Chun System is comprised of only three hand forms. Although the forms are few and easy to learn; to master them requires patience; perseverence and determination. This mastery is vital; as the forms of Wing Chun are considered the keys to the system. The third hand form is Biu Jee or Shooting Fingers. CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES; PART 1 starts with a demonstration of the complete Biu Jee form. Next is a detailed breakdown of Part One motions and principles including: Combining the Forms; Advanced Biu Jee Pivoting; Spring Fingers Strike; Wrist Snapping Power; Four-Way Wrist Whipping; Horizontal Forearm Strikes; Flesh Grabs; Hair Grabs; Glothnig Grabs; Throat Grabs; Crawling Trap; Butting Elbow Strike; Nosecone Defenses; Covering Up; Rolling Strikes on the Ground; Escaping from a Forming Trap; Grow Sau Sweeps; Biu Jee Exclusion; Complex Timing; Motion Intercepting Footwork; Inside and Outside Leg Sweeps; Kick Evasion; Stepping for Leverage and Facing Advantage; Leg and Hip Check; Sticky Foot Leg Parries; Shortened Arc Principle; Complex Defenses; Ying/Yang Timing; Complex Attacks; Mun Sau--Inquisitive Hand; Horizontal Whipping Motions; Hard Blocking and more!
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