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by Douglas L. Wong WLTS-D For over 30 years; Douglas Lim Wong has been one of the world's most prolific martial Artists. A multi-published author; stunt coordinator and kung-fu instructor; Wong is considered one of Chinese Martial Art's true pioneers. He trained under many of the world's top masters; including Grandmaster Huemea 'Tiny' Lefiti. After achieving expertise in such varied styles as Wing Chun; Five Animals and White Tiger; Wong went on to create his own synthesis; the White Lotus system. In this landmark DVD; Douglas Wong reveals the combative aspects of this unique system; teaching martial artists of all styles and levels of expertise how to make kung-fu effective in street situations. He strips away the mystique that gives kung-fu an almost magic effect; demonstrating ancient principles of combat refined for modern application. A must for any martial artist's DVD library! Approximate running time: 55 minutes