DCJKD2-D Jeet Kune Do Counterattacks #2 Advanced DVD Cheng


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This noted Jeet Kune Do instructor has studied with most of the notable experts in Bruce Lee's art including Dan Inosanto; Chris Kent; Cass Magda; Ted Wong; Jerry Poteet; Herb Jackson; and Patrick Strong; David believes that each of his instructors brings a different understanding of Jeet Kune Do that contributes to his own knowledge. He has also trained in classical Choy Lay Fut kung fu; Filipino Kali-Eskrima; Indonesian Penchak Silat In this DVD; he focuses on advanced techniques; tactics and movements. It is a continuation of the first volume; David introduces you to advanced counterattacks. Advanced JKD countering involves the use of combinations to effectively destroy your opponent's attack while simultaneously finishing him off. Learn such desvastating counters as the catch-jab-cross; jab-cross-hook; lead uppercut combo and much more! 57 minutes.