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Volume 1 By Sifu Henry Look Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi is a dynamic internal martial art that can be divided into six basic segments: form, stance, performance, power, spirit and overall impression. Guang Ping forms are rare and distinctive, blending the essence of Yang and Chen Tai Chi with the flavor of Hsing-Yi and Bagua. Guang Ping contains an unbeatable combination of hardness and softness, sudden jumping kicks and an explosion of internal power known as Fa-Jing. Now for the first time outside China, internal martial arts great, Henry Look, a fifth generation Guang Ping master, helps you capture the spirit and intention of one of the world's most powerful and inspiring styles. This revolutionary two-volume set contains the complete Guang Png 64 movement form and its self defense applications - many never before seen in public. Master Look shows you how these unique applications can be used by anyone in any situation. 50 min.