Wing Chun G/F Wooden Dummy Training #2 Lop Sau DVD Williams


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Product Description
Wing Chun Gung Fu Wooden Dummy Training Part #2 Lop Sau, Chee Sau and Dummy Theory by Randy Williams. In Part 2, Randy focuses on drills such as: The Lop Sau/Fan Sau Switch, the Chahng Dai Jyeung Switch, the Biu Sau Switch, the Gum Sau Switch and the Pack Sau Switch. He then goes into Look Sau - Rolling Hands, the Triple Uppercut, Sticky Foot, the Dummy Centerline Theory and more! He displays numerous drill combinations on the wooden dummy, following each with the application on a partner. Also, many good drills with an emphasis on outside to inside control of the centerline. Hand combinations, then both hand-leg and leg only combinations. Excellent wooden dummy work for the home student. 56 minutes.