Modern Arnis Filipino Art Stick Fighting #2 DVD Presas


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Grandmaster Remy Presas takes you beyond the theory and into the real world of practical Arnis, teaching you techniques that have been tried and proved to be highly effective in real-life situations. He was one of the most relevant Arnis-Eskrima-Kali masters around the world and one of the premier stick fighters. His studies led him to combine - in one system - the best combat methods found in the different local fighting styles from the Philippines islands and named it 'Modern Arnis'. Grandmaster Presas worked with many Law Enforcement agencies around the world teaching them armed and unarmed self-defense techniques. His mastery in the several categories of the art: single stick, double stick, knife and dagger, stick and dagger and empty hand methods - brought him worldwide recognition as one of the best Arnis/Eskrima/Kali masters ever lived. Volume 2 includes evasive footwork, fundamentals, blocking and checking attacks, empty-hand fighting, throwing and trapping. (Approx. 60 min.)