Fighting Karate #3 DVD Kubota


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By Soke Takayuki Kubota Volume 3: Weapons Action-Techniques and Kata - Cane techniques (attack and defense drills), kata and applications, keibo jitsu waza (staff techniques), attack-and-defense drills with the staff, tonfa (side-handle baton) attack-and-defense drills, kata and application, and police baton techniques and application. 59 min. Soke Tak Kubota is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the founder and grandmaster of the International Karate Association. Soke Kubota's hybrid style of karate, judo and jujutsu techniques is a very powerful and practical self-defense system. Learn its techniques in this original 'Ancient Warrior Productions' five-part amazing DVD collection from the man who has trained some of the finest law-enforcement and military personnel in the world. 58 minutes.