M-0048 Kyu Ku Shin Way Karate DVD


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Product Description
Kyo Ku Shin was the first full contact martial art to come out of Japan it is the roots of the K-1 or Pride or whatever else there is. FightingSpiritMagazine.Com This presentation is simply amazing you will see knock outs like you have never seen before. NO PADDING. The waterfall training; the ice water training; tree punching and without a doubt some of the most amazing breaking techniques ever captured on film. Fire breaks; Ice breaks; concrete and baseball bat breaks; its all here in the Kyo Ku Shin Way. You will see one karate ka pierce a side of beef with his finger tips; another splits a watermellon with his finger tips while baseball bats are kicked thru like tooth picks. The kata of Kyu Ku Shin Kai; the basic techniques and just too much to mention. Low kicks from hell; devastating axe kicks; round house kicks that hit full blast; no padding. Just to stay in the ring is most certainly the fighting spirit of old Japan come alive. An absolute must for anyone interested in FULL CONTACT MARTIAL ARTS. Approx. 58min.