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Undoubtedly this is the most comprehensive DVD ever showing the American Masters and Champions of The Martial Arts ever- names like Trias; Urban; Parker; Nishiyama; Lewis Tegner; Yamashita Bruno Urquidez; Wall; Matteson; Slocki; and Norris are but a few of the biggest names in North American martial arts history. These are the masters that have forged a legacy for us all. These are the men that set the groundwork This collection of over 110 masters and Champions is a compilation from the personal archives of over 15 of the most prominent collectors in the world of historical footage; names like Ernie Lieb; Chuck Merriman; John Grayden; Emil Farkas; Tayari Caseland Sid Campbell have all graciously donated to the wealth of this important project. Much of this rare footage was shot in the 1940's; 1950's and 1960's on either 8 mm or Super 8 film; sao the quality is good. Some was shot more recently on digital cameras; so the quality is excellent. Written by Emil Farkas owner of the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Archives and Don Warrener; world renowned writer of hundreds of articles and books; the information is factual and well written. Narrated by Farkas; the author of best selling book 'Encyclopedia Of Martial Arts' ; Farkas is one of the most knowledgeable people in America when it comes to historical facts related to these the American Masters and Champions of the Martial Arts. Running time 2hrs and 20min.