M-0054 Aikido Masters Demonstrate DVD


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AIKIDO MASTERS DEMONSTRATE - This is the best production ever of Aikido masters demonstrating ever put together in one tape. You will see the master himself demonstrate and then you will see his seniors all performing at their very best some in color some in B/W. Names like Gozo Shioda; Koichi Tohei; Kisshomaru Ueshiba; Morihiro Saito; Master Ueshiba and several more of Aikido's top masters all show you there skills. Some of the footage is in full color while others of it dates back to the 1930's so it is in B/W but it to is in very high quality. You will see body techniques; sword techniques defence and Offensive; Tanto defence; jo offense and defence techniques one on one and multiple attackers plus just so much more it is incredible. Much of this footage was lost until very recently and has never been available until mid 2004 so it has most likely not been seen before. These are the men who Aikido owes its creation to. M-0054