M-0055 Grand Patriarch Aikido Moreihei Ueshiba DVD


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WAY OF HARMONY - Moreihei Ueshiba. See the founder of Aikido perform at full speed with precision! He moves on his knees like most people walk across the room. He was most certainly a show man but like the old saying goes if you can do it it is not bragging it is a demonstration of your skill and Master Ueshiba was one of those highly gifted people who was able to talk the talk and walk the walk so to speak. This entire B/W footage is with out question some of the best ever of the master at more then one demonstration or seminar or class. There is no sound as it was filmed in 1930's and hence it is a silent movie but the perfect music overlay make it a pleasure to watch. Ueshiba is the one master that all masters no matter of their art watched and used as a role model as he was talented; charismatic and a one of a kind. M-0055