M-0057 Koshen Judo Japan #2 DVD Masahiko Kimura


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KOSHEN JUDO #2 Taught by Budo's seniors; this production is most certainly a classic in the grappling arts. Featuring Masahiko Kimura (1917-1992) who dominated Judo from 1938 to 1949; he was the one who defeated Helio Gracie in Brazil in 1951; by dislocating his elbow. There are also eleven more of the top pre W.W.II Judo Masters names like Shinzo; Takahashi; and Tatsuro. These masters of the arts will teach you the secrets of Butoku Den's; Nei Waza ('Groundwork'). The DAI Nippon Butoku Kai pre W.W.II Japan had its headquarters in Kyoto where many of these masters trained in the 'Busen' in the 'Budo Semengaku' this was on the grounds of the Butoku Den. You will see and learn some of the most amazing ground fighting techniques ever captured on film. Including chokes; escapes; lock; and more. This production was nearly lost to the annals of time; but now is in high quality and full color. Anyone interest in grappling will enjoy this tape whether it is Classic Judo or the modern day cage fighting.