RS-0060 Mechanics Muay Thai #2 Kicking Blocking DVD Janjira


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Mechanics of Thailand's Muay Thai part 1; Basics: Hands; feet; elbows; knees; and footwork. Learn all the Kicking knees and blocking. Saekson is the best of the best. We say this without reservation and those of you who watch this will see why. Absolutely terrific. In this tape Saekson teaches you up close and personal more of the basics of Muay Thai including how to do those awesome kicks of Muay Thai and as well the knee techniques and all kinds of blocking methods against punches and kicks. he also shows several great little drills on kicks that will help you attain perfect kicks that when they hit its like a bomb going off. Devastating kicks is the only way to describe these kicks. Saekson will show you more of the secrets of Muay Thai that were now only available to thos ewho actually trained in Bangkok. learn his secrets that made him one of the legends of the sport. Approx 55 min.