M-0094 Muay Thai 9 Weapons #2 DVD


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Part #2 of this series called the nine weapons of Muay Thai is again an excellent DVD second to none. In this DVD you will learn the relationship between the nine weapons as well as how to perform exactly and precisely all the kicks and hands techniques of Muay Thai including the Crocodile kick and how to use all the kicks and in what combination with the hands. You will also learn how to perform the various forms or sets of Muay Thai with all their names and as well all the ancient training techniques used to make Muay Thai fighters into not just ring fighters but warriors as well. Watch them as they show you how they use Banana trees to kick and punch at how to use the local fruits for bobbing and weaving plus so much more you will truly be amazed. This is not a demonstration of actual fights but an actual DVD on teaching you Muay Thai from the ground up.