RS-0119 Winning Judo Ichi Best Shoulder Throws DVD Sharp


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Product Description
From the personal archives of an American Body-Guard to Japan's Emperor. From the personal archives of HAL SHARP one of the personal body guards to the Emperor of Japan in post WWII; we are proud to bring you the first in this series of tapes. Sharp; truly a pioneer of American Martial Arts as he was graded to 3rd Dan in Judo in the Kodokan in 1955. Like Donn Draeger who manifested his fascination with Martial arts in writing; Hal Sharp expressed his fascination in filming- a film buff from the 1940's - operating a 16 mm camera to professionally shoot and capture the top Martial Arts Masters of the 20th. Century. This tape will show you some of the best ever shoulder throws in Judo and coupled with Sharps precise and intuitive analyzation of each throw you will learn exactly how to perform these throws second to none. This full color tape shows all the detail from the beginning to the end. Includes action actually captured against unwilling opponents which varifies there validity. 45 minutes.