RS-0153 Tsukamoto's Judo & Self Defense DVD Sharp


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Product Description
This DVD; part of the Bushido Series created by Hal Sharp is one that has crossed the gap of styles and is one of the best DVD's I personally have ever viewed on self defense. You will not only see old school Judo by Tsukamoto but he will teach you practical defenses against a knife; punching; strikes; grabs (waist and lapel) and chokes. Tsukamoto created his own system of self defense based on practical techniques and much has been simply lost over the years or changed from the way he meant it to be taught but now you can learn directly from the master himself. As a bonus Sharp has included Hosogawa's Taiho Jutsu self defense techniques that he developed for the Tokyo Police Department including defenses against the Yakuza's sword; pistol take away; staff defenses; and much; much more. 47 minutes.