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Hal Sharp once again has captured the history of Judo in this extremely rare footage featuring the legends of Judo; Aikido; Kobudo and Taiho Jutsu! They demonstrate the katas of Judo before there was Judo; when it was still called Ju Jitsu. You will learn and understand Randori Kata's Nage-No-Kata (throwing forms); Katame-No-Kata (grappling forms); Itsutsu-No-Kata (forms of five); Ju-No-Kata (Forms of Gentleness); Self Defense katas like Koshiki-No-Kata; Kime-No-Kata; Aikido & Taiho Jutsu plus Goshin Jutsu or Modern Self Defense. This one DVD has so much historically important footage to try and capture all this in a few short paragraphs is almost impossible! 70 minutes.