RS-0738 Hung Gar Tiger Crane Kung Fu #1 DVD


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Volume 1 by Sifu Seng Jeorng Au FIVE BASIC STANCES: Horse; Forward Horse; Cat; Scissor & Hanging Stance. Ten Basic Exercises: 1-Reverse Punch from Say Ping Mah; 2-Big Circle Side Tiger Claw from Deng Ji Mah. 3-Big Circle Side Sunfist from Deng Ji Mah. 4-One Finger Block and Reverse Punch from Say Ping Mah. 5-Side Block & Reverse Punch from Say Ping Mah. 6-Side Block; Reverse Punch & Chop from the Ready Position. 7-Slant Flying Fist. 8-Arm Break from Say Ping Mah. 9-Front Snap Kick from Diu Mah; 10- Chop & Strike Kick.