220-3 3 DVD SET Power Judo 1;2;3 - Nishioka


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3 DVD Set by Hayward Nishioka. Includes: Volume 1 Star Power Judo This video examines the qualities and the frame of mind of the champion. Gives parents should have a better idea of what they want to support in their children's training. Coaches will have to turn their direction to different drills and training methods needed to build their future champions. Numerous video samples of international and Olympic championships. Volume 2 Python Judo Advanced matwork and novel mat techniques not normally found in judo textbooks. Volume 3 Get a Grip The secrets of using the proper grips in elite Judo competition. Key elements include the how and why to use the different gripping methods and how to break and counter them to turn the table on your opponent. Sensei Hayward Nishioka explains the important points in the execution of the proper grip under specific circumstances. Valuable for all grapplers; regardless of style (Judo; Sanbo; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; etc.)