107 Tactical SWAT Side Handle Baton Defense #3 DVD Muzila


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Product Description
The information contained in this DVD is intended primarily for law enforcement; security; protection specialists; bodyguards; or military individuals; but it also can be very useful and advantageous for civilians wanting to learn the use of the side-handle baton. This DVD contains all the necessary information; tactics; techniques; and strategies for you to acquire excellent skills on how to utilize a side-handle baton to control most offensive or defensive combat situations. You will learn all of the basic concepts; tactics; and techniques with this type of baton for most situations: strikes; blocks; hooking; restraining techniques with the baton; etc. The DVD shows how to face all types of adversaries; from very aggressive to less aggressive. You will learn how to transfer blocking punches directly into arm bars and restraining techniques; very smoothly and effectively. This work covers concepts and techniques of restraining an aggressor until authorities arrive; or until you have to handcuff him or her. It covers the majority of situations and describes the best technique to use if you're facing an aggressor or sitting down; also how to take him to the ground and keep him pinned there effectively. The information in this DVD can help you survive and stay alive.