233 3 DVD SET Classic Judo #4 #5 #6 Hal Sharp


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Volume 4 Classic Judo Competition Techniques (63 minutes); shows masters Osawa; Matsushita; Asahi; Hattori; Shibayama; Miura; Ikeda; Yoshiaki and Mizutani explaining their favorite techniques. They show the timing; the control; the combinations; and the applications of each technique plus the groundwork and counter-throws for which the masters became famous. 1. Osawa; 2. Matsushita; 3. Ashi; 4. Hatori; 5. Shibayama; 6. Miura; 7. Ikeda; 8. Yoshiaki; 9. Mizutani; 10. Koyama; 11. Asakawa; 12. Tadahiro; 13. Fujine; 14. Onnagawa. Volume 5 Favorite Judo Techniques Of The Masters (64 minutes); brings the Judo's top masters that Jigoro Kano himself trained. The great masters at their best! Shot in the early 1950's at the Kodokan and in village dojos in Japan by Hal Sharp. This is the way Judo is! Author also uses little yellow filters to isolate the exact nuances in many of the techniques. 1. Nagaoka; 2. Kawakami; 3. Takagaki; 4. Ito; 5. Kudo; 6. Asami; 7. Shinojima. Volume 6 Tsukamoto's Judo & Self Defense (48 minutes) shows Master Tsukamoto's practical Judo method against strikes and knives attacks. Master Tsukamoto created this method based on his practical experience in combat. This DVD includes a 'bonus' section with Hosogawa's 'Taiho Jutsu'; the method used in the Tokyo Police Department. 1. Throwing Techniques; 2. Counter Throws; 3. Holding Techniques; 4. Chokes; 5. Arm Locks; 6. Self-Defense; 7. Taiho Jutsu.