306 Mastering Wushu DVD Bangjun


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Product Description
This is a complete presentation of the techniques; training principles; forms; and applications of the Wushu style; presented by one of the most sought-after Wushu champions and masters of all time; Jiang Bangjun. This introduction to Wushu competition teaches you in detail how to use your potential and your technical skills to defeat your opponents in competition. It comes directly to you from one of the greatest experts in the sport aspect of the art. Learn the basic and advanced training and warm-up routines of the champions in detailed format. Also; the basic and advanced competition forms are explained in detail and in a clear step-by-step format. This is the only DVD you'll ever need about the art of Wushu and sport competition. This DVD is for all students attempting to bridge the gap between Wushu basics and winning tournament competition.