314-5 5 DVD SET Okinawan Karate 1-5 - Ota


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5 DVD set by Master Eihachi Ota Shorin Ryu is one of the world's major Karate styles. Created and developed by Okinawan masters; this style mixes the traditions and experiences of the ancient art with a modern approach to self-defense. In this work; Master Ota shows key traditional kata and basic bunkai. Some of the traditional Shorin Ryu forms have never been analyzed this way before. This DVD series is more than a how-to manual; it explores the history and philosophy behind this dynamic and practical method of karate-do. Containing basic applications for all the forms of the Shorin Ryu system; this series will be a valuable reference for anyone seeking to learn and understand not only the principles and techniques of Shorin Ryu; but also the cultural essence of Okinawan Karate. Includes: Volume 1 Fukyukata 1 & 2; Pinan; Shodan; Nidan; Sandan; Yodan; Godan 59 minutes Volume 2 Ananku; Naihanchi Shodan; Nidan; Sandan Volume 3 Wankan; Rohai; Wanshu Volume 4 Passai; Gojushiho Volume 5 Chinto; Kusanku