428 3 DVD SET Balintawak Eskrima #7 #8 #9 - Ising Atillo


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Product Description
By Grandmaster Ising Atillo For the first time ever; Grandmaster Atillo reveals hidden treasures of the Balintawak method of Escrima. This third superb three DVD set (Vol. 7-8-9) shows the advanced combative aspects of the Balintawak system and its essential training systems. The key techniques and principles are explained for the student to understand how and why to use them in different combat situations. The techniques are shown in detail for better appreciation of their use in a real situation.. This is not only a great instructional DVD set; but an inspiring one since this information has never been shown to the public. It is a collectors' item for all Escrima; Kali; and Arnis practitioners; regardless of style. Anyone who practices these concepts and techniques diligently will be trained to handle; control; and understand the full engagement of any Escrima fight. This is the legacy of Escrima Balintawak by Grandmaster Atillo; one of the greatest Escrima masters of all time.