555 3 DVD SET Fighting Techniques of a CHAMPION - Brewerton


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In this 3 DVD set; World Open Circuit Champion Kevin Brewerton covers the basics of what you need to get started. You will learn everything from basic punches and kicks to defending against attacks. He also will teach you his method of getting into the best shape for sparring. Volume One - Basics Basic Stances and Punches; Basic Kicks; Defense against basic punches; Defense against basic kicks and more! Volume Two - Timing and Distance Creating Space; Timing; Punching Mechanics; Defense against the Blitz; Drills; Countering Attack; Fakes and Feints Volume Three - Fighting Fit Warm Up; Yoga; Floor Exercise 1; Lunges and Balance; Biometrics; Shaolin Lunges; Floor Exercise 2; Hand Weights; Resistance Exercises; Mix Up; Cool Down and more!