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Empty Hand Self Defense by Sensei David Dye INCLUDES: 1. USE OF FORCE IN MARTIAL ARTS: Discussion of when does martial art self defense stop and when does it become aggression. 2. EMPTY HAND DEFENSE TECHNIQUES: One arm shoulder throw; Reverse hand throw; Inside parry block elbow strike throw; Leg sweep; All direction throw; Block & counter; Entering throw. 3. CHOKES AND HEADLOCKS: Front two handed choke; Step away take downs; Rear choke - leg sweep; Side headlock - leg sweep. 4. CANE TECHNIQUES: Basic defense using an ordinary cane including takedowns. 5. WEAPON DISARMING (GUN & KNIFE): Knife Disarming techniques (front; side and rear). Gun disarming techniques from front; side and rear (close range). 6. YOUTH SELF DEFENSE: Wrist grabs: Single; double; cross. Shoulder; neck; mouth; hair grabs; Ground pinning escapes & defending against multiple attackers. Dye Sensei began his martial arts training with the study of Kodokan Judo in 1962 and started studying Karate in 1967. He is a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and Yoshinkan Aikido. As a retired Police Officer he continues to teach Officer Safety & Defensive Tactics. He was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.