371 2 DVD SET Sight Beyond Sight Wing Chun 4&5 - Sabharwal


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2 Volume Set #4 & #5 - Energy Drills to develop Sensitivity and Adaptability Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal is a descendant of an unbroken lineage of Masters; He has spent years studying with Masters and eating the bitter pill; training and teaching so he can pass on the ancient arts to a modern; cutting edge audience. His science of movement; fighting; wellness; and strategy is an evolution of a global journey spanning continents and cultures. It culminates in the present system which he teaches to Navy SEALS;U.S.Secret Service; SWAT Commanders and Police Captains; executives; FBI; CIA; CEO's; DEA; professional athletes; elite law enforcement personnel throughout the United States; as well as other foreign and domestic military and intelligence agencies.