12FA˙ 2012 Masters Magazine Fall Collector Ed DVD/CD


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Digital Masters Magazine CD and DVD of video instructional and informational segments. Over 3 hours of video footage plus all of the articles! This set includes: Video includes: * YOSHIMI INOUE - Interview & Demo * ROBERT WEINBERG - Interview & Demo * PAUL GODSHAW - Interview & Demo * ALFREDO BANDALAN - Interview & Demo * FRANK TREJO - Kenpo instructional * ARTHUR MURAKAMI - Kendo basics Magazine includes: YOSHIMI INOUE - Returning to the Source RICHARD BERGER - Translating the Master ROBERT WEINBERG - Integrating Intuition PAUL GODSHAW - Unparalleled Experience RICHARD BERGER - Translating the Master ALEX CO - A Ray of Light GORDEN LU - The Legacy RYUSHO SAKAGAMI - The Gentle Master ALFREDO BANDALAN - The Spirit of Doce Pares GRACIE JIU JITSU IN BEVERLY HILLS (A New State-of-the-Art Facility) VINCE MORRIS - As Real as it Gets