12WI˙ 2012 Masters Magazine Winter Collector Ed DVD/CD


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Product Description
Digital Masters Magazine CD and DVD of video instructional and informational segments. Over 3 hours of video footage plus all of the articles! This set includes: Video includes: * SAMUEL KWOK - Demo * RUDY CROSSWELL - Demo (View BIO) * ED SMITH - Demo * GRACIE SPECIAL INTEREST - Interview & Demo * FRANK TREJO - Kenpo instructional * ARTHUR MURAKAMI - Kendo basics * GRASSROOTS CAMP * USANKF TOURNAMENT HIGHLIGHTS Magazine includes: SAMUEL KWOK - The Wing Chun Evangelist NAGASHI UKE - An Offensive Perspective RUDY CROSSWELL - Searching for Meaning-Pt 1 MARK WILEY - Filipino Martial Arts 2012 GRASSROOTS - KARATE CAMP HELIO GRACIE - Remembering the Master 2012 USA KARATE - National Championships GOSHIN YAMAGUCHI - GOJU KAI WIILIAM DOMETRICH - TRIBUTE JEFFREY KHON - USA Karate BRUCE LEE - The Legend's Genius