13F-W˙ 2013 Masters Magazine Fall-Winter Collector Ed DVD/CD


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Product Description
Digital Masters Magazine CD and DVD of video instructional and informational segments. Over 3 hours of video footage plus all of the articles! This set includes: Video includes: * CHUCK MERRIMAN * ROBERT TEMPLE * TONY ANNESI * RUDY CROSSWELL * SUEYOSHI AKESHI * JERRY MORRONE * USANKF *NIKKEI GAMES Magazine includes: CHUCK MERRIMAN - Wisdom of the Ages DISCOVERING OKINAWAN KARATE - A Journey LI JIAN YU - I Chuan VICTOR KAN - The King of Chi Sao KARAMBIT - The Curved Blade JIM MATHER - A True Gift GEORGE LEE - Letters From The Dragon JERRY MORRONE - Karate ERIN HERMAN - Following The Masters MMA TRAINING FACE-OFF WITH - Tony Annesi