54 Circles of Aiki DVD Annesi


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A martial artist since 1964; Tony Annesi holds black belts in judo; aiki-ju-jutsu; karate; and has studied numerous other arts. As early as 1977; Annesi received the title of Ichiban Deshi no Soke (#1 student of the stylistic leader) in aiki-ju-jutsu from Albert C. Church; Jr. In 1984; the Goshin-kai International; a French federation; and the International Brotherhood of Martial Artists; a German-based organization; both decorated Annesi for his dedication to the martial arts. In the same year; Annesi was appointed soke-dai (inheritor designate) of the Kamishin-ryu martial arts; a position he resigned in 1988 due to a conflict in leadership styles. In 1989; he founded BUSHIDO-KAI KENKYUKAI; a federation for the development of innovative traditional martial arts and shortly thereafter founded BUSHIDO-KAI BUDOYA to help broaden the martial education of practitioners worldwide.