RS-0986 Shaolin Temple Gung Fu #5 Zen Chan Meditation DVD


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Product Description
Shaolin Temple Gung Fu, Ancient Ways of the Warrior Monks features Shi Yanti, 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk, who reveals the new face of Shaolin Temple Gung Fu in this new instructional series. Volume 5 covers Zen Chan Meditation which includes: training from a real Shaolin Monk, proper length of time, correct sitting position, what you should be thinking and more! Finally a real monk from a real Chinese Temple will not only demonstrate and teach you how to do it but also what your mind should be doing and how to control your mind so that you to can start to practise Zen-Chan Meditation to lead you to self improvement. Master Shi Yanti is the New Face of The Shaolin Temple and now you can learn from him exactly the right way to perform Zen-Chan Meditation.