RS-0987 Shaolin Temple Gung Fu #6 Da Hong Quan Erlu DVD


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Shaolin Temple Gung Fu, Ancient Ways of the Warrior Monks features Shi Yanti, 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk, who reveals the new face of Shaolin Temple Gung Fu in this new instructional series. Volume 6 covers Da Hong Quan Erlu which includes: an ancient form created in the Song Dynasty 960-1279, the root of all forms, the self defense explanations Jiang Jie, proper postures for fighting and more! Da Hong Quan Erlu is the oldest form of Kung Fu and this is the roots of all martial arts forms as it dates all the way back to 930-1279 A.D. which is the Song Dynasty. Master Yanti will not only teach you the form but also the proper sequences and as well the Jiang Jie or the explanation of each move in the form and with several variations and Jiang Jie for each move. He talks about its history and its importance to all martial arts and especially the Shaolin Temple.