3 DVD SET Baret Yoshida Submission Grappling


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Product Description
This 3 DVD series will take your submission grappling game to a higher level! You will not just move differently, you will think differently, setting traps and creating openings to apply your finish. Baret shows each set-up or technique and explains each move. You'll learn how Baret Yoshida became one of the world's greatest Submission Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and No Holds Barred fighters! You'll see the wide array of techniques used by Baret. Learn his setups, and how to finish your submission before the opponent counters. He teaches you how to take your triangle, armbar, choke and other techniques to the highest level. Volume 1: Guard Submission Set ups Volume 2: Set Ups from Top Volume 3: Attacking During the Pass Baret Yoshida was born and raised in Hawaii and trained under Relson Gracie and former champion Egan Inoue. He competed internationally. He currently lives in San Diego and teaches at the Arena MMA School.