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Comedy Double Feature. 'Uptown Saturday Night' is a buddy movie with Bill Cosby (sporting a hair-do from what appears to be Colonial times) and Sidney Portier. The two men go 'uptown' in pursuit of a winning lottery ticket and all sorts of mayhem ensue. What makes this team-up work is the almost opposites attract style both men bring to the role. Bill Cosby is a natural. He doesn't even look like he's trying and yet he always brings in a great comedic performance. Sidney turns on his almost supernatural charm and wins points on how hard he's trying. Together, the two make a great duo. The cast is a whos who of 70s entertainment, and it's fun to see people like Harry Belafonte drop the cool and go for laughs. -- I have to drop a star because of 'A Piece of the Action' which is also a comedy, but not nearly as funny. Bill and Sidney are back, and working with troubled urban kids, and the result is a not-completely-successful mix of comedy and morality tale. The two try hard enough and that's part of the problem, they look like they are trying too hard in a movie that doesn't know whether to go for laughs or wrench at your heart. Two comedies for the price of one! 518 minutes total. English.