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AKA Tiger And Crane Fist. The Chinese Tiger and Crane martial arts schools must team up to do away with Lung Fei, a near-invincible goon for the Japanese occupational forces, if they wish to prevent China from being taken over by the Japanese. Starring: Jimmy Wang Yu, Lau Kar Wing, Lung Fei, Chan Wai Lau, Tse Ling Ling, Ma Kei, Lui Jun, Sit Hon, Lung Fong, Wong Wing Sang, Phillip Kwok (Chun Fung), Ching Kuo Chung, Shih Ting Ken, Chai Hau Keung, Ng Ho, Lau Yau Bun, Yeung Fui Yuk, Ho Wai Hung, Hau Pak Wai, To Wai Wo, Lee Fat Yuen, Poon Cheung Ming. 82 minutes. English dubbed.