CX111 Dance Of The Drunk Mantis DVD


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AKA Drunken Master 2. After many years of wandering, Sam Seed returns home to find that his wife has adopted a son (Foggy). Sam dislikes the lad and tortures him mentally and physically. Devastated, the boy runs away and takes a job in an inn, where he meets Rubber Legs and his student. He overhears that they are looking for Sam Seed and want to kill him, making Rubber Legs' northern Drunk Mantis Boxing supreme. Foggy returns home to warn Sam Seed, who is then injured by Rubber Legs. Sam sends Foggy to a sickness Teacher for herbs to cure him, and the doctor teaches him a dreaded style called Sickness Boxing. Now, armed with this sick form of fighting, Foggy is ready for Drunk Mantis. Starring: Simon Yuen (Siu Tin), Hwang Jang Lee, Linda Lin Ying (Lynda Lin), Yuen Shun-Yi (Yuen Shin I), Corey Yuen Kwai (Yun Kwei), Charlie Shek, Chin Yuet Sang (Chien Yueh Sheng), Yen Shi-Kwan, Brandy Yuen (Jan Yeung), Dean Shek Tin. 95 minutes. English dubbed.