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Deadly China Doll stars the engagingly self-reliant Hong Kong movie favorite Angela Mao. As in most of her films, Mao is galvanized into action against the bad guys when someone close to her is murdered. The villains in question are members of an opium-smuggling ring, who prove no match for the 'hell hath no fury' Mao. And when she's done with this bunch, she sets her sites on a gang of hijackers. Starring: Angela Mao Ying, Carter Wong (Ka Tat), Travador Ramos, James Nam (Gung Fan), Lung Fei, Yee Yuen, Cheng Fu Hung, Shih Ting Ken, Chan Chuen, Got Heung Ting, Wan Yat Fung, Tung Fong (Mei Fung), Lee Hung, Chiu Ting, Liu Chu, Gam Man Hei. 93 minutes. English dubbed.