CX140 Furious Slaughter DVD


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AKA Kennt Kein Erbarmen. A largely unknown eastern Wang Yu plays a super-cool hero, who singlehandedly embarrasses a crime syndicate. The superstar from Hong Kong portrays an Asian hero battling nefarious white slave traders in the 1930s. Starring: Jimmy Wang Yu, Sally Chen (Sha Li), Tin Yau, Sit Hon, Miu Tin, Ma Kei, Lung Fei, Yee Yuen, Got Siu Bo, Shan Mao, Lee Keung, Man Man, Su Chen Ping, Hsieh Hsing, Wong Wing Sang, Kwan Hung, Chai Hau Keung, Laam Kei, Ng Ho, Kong Yeung, Chui Lap, Chang I Fei, Poon Chuen Ling, Ho Wai Hung, Au Lap Bo. 84 minutes. English dubbed.